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This page provides access to articles, and multimedia files that will be of interest to patients and practitioners dealing with chronic pain.

The majority of document files are 'pdf' files. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader, to view them. This reader is provided by Adobe at no charge and is a very useful program for viewing documents on the web. You can use the 'save' function to save files from this site to your hard-drive. All files have been scanned and are free of viruses.
Simply click on the file that you are interested in and, on most systems, it will download automatically. Some of the articles are large and might take some time to download to your system.

Depression in the Chronic Pain Patient in Pain Care, 2007;Volume 7(2) [pdf]
Systematic review of outpatient services for chronic pain control, Henry J. McQuay et al [pdf]
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario's report on Chronic Pain Management
Use of Opioid Analgesics for the Treatment of Chronic Noncancer Pain - A Consensus Statement and Guidelines from the Canadian Pain Society
Battling Chronic Non-Cancer Pain-The Canadian Journal of CME-by Dr. Jeff Ennis (October 2004) [pdf]
Time Magazine Cover Story: Pain-by Claudia Wallis (Move curser over image until a box appears with arrows. Click on the box and the article will expand to fill the viewing window)
Pain Management Programmes for Chronic, Persistent, or Long lasting Pain, Australian Pain Society [pdf]
Report of the Chair of the Chronic Pain Panels, OWSIB [pdf]
Chronic Pain Primer [pdf]
Interview on CHCH News June 8th, 2007 [This video file requires a 'Flash' player]
The Practical Aspects of Opioid Therapy for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain[PowerPoint]
Articles and Editorials:
Toronto Star article - It's a real pain
Hamilton Spectator-"Chronic Pain Keeps Hurting" [pdf]
Medical Post article on the program [pdf]
St. Joseph's newsletter article on the program [pdf]
Profile of Dr. Ennis in Hamilton Spectator [pdf]
Allen J. Wynperle newsletter article on the program [pdf]
Hospital News: Canada's Health Care Newspaper, March 2005 [pdf]
Hamilton Spectator Editorials:
Pain killers more help than risk of addiction [pdf]
Painkillers more help than risk of addiction
Chronic pain is emotional as well as physical [pdf]
Chronic pain is emotional as well as physical
Making this world a better place in the face of evil
'Hired guns' have no place in the courtroom
War symbolizes inability to feel others' pain
American Academy of Pain Management
American Pain Foundation
American Pain Society
The Canadian Pain Society
International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)
National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain
The North American Chronic Pain Association of Canada (NACPAC)
Online Pain Journals at Pain.com
Pain Research & Management Official Journal of the Canadian Pain Society
The Pain Society British Chapter of the International Association for the Study of Pain
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA)
St. Joseph's Heathcare Hamilton: St. Joseph's Hospital
St. Josephs Healthcare Hamilton: Centre for Ambulatory Health Services
East End Multidisciplinary Pain Management Program
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