Cottage life is great.  If you enjoy vacationing than you will enjoy renting a cottage in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada.  A rental cottage affords you all of the advantages of a cottage, without having to own a cottage.  Cottage life allow you to canoe, kayak, swim, fish and boat.  Or go canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming and boating.  You will love this cottage.  It is all cedar with lots of space.  It is on a fresh water lake.  It is surrounded by about 42 other cottages.  This is relatively few cottages for a given area.  The cottage we call Aspen House, is a one of a kind cottage for rent.  Once you rent this cottage, you will want to be involved in cottage rental again.
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Minnicock Lake

Minnicock Lake derives its name from its shape.  When viewed from above it looks like a small rooster.  The lake is four miles in width.  Its deepest point is 30 feet.  However, the average depth is about 10-15 feet.  The lake is fed by fresh water springs.  It is clean and unpolluted.  Cottagers have maintained the natural shoreline. 

By agreement, no motororized craft on this lake are permitted to have gas powered engines larger than six horsepower.  Electric engines are permitted.  The end result is that the lake is quiet, clean and safe.  It is ideal for canoeists and kayakers.  Swimming is a pleasure as is fishing for bass and rainbow trout.